Extensive blooms on our flat green roof

In addition to the ecological benefits, our bee pasture with an area of over 600 m² also protects against extreme temperatures while increasing noise and heat insulation.

Green areas throughout the premises

Our 5000m² premises extension helps to improve the microclimate.

Heat recovery

A modern heat recovery plant is installed throughout our entire production facility.

Recycling in production

Wood chips are collected by a central vacuum suction system and stored in a purpose-made silo.

Effective use of process heat

Office and production areas are kept warm by a modern woodchip heating system. Process heat is recovered from the surface coating process.

For Winkels, sustainability begins with our own actions


Committed to sustainability – it is by this credo that we have been acting to optimise our sustainable development for many years now. What this means is that we at Winkels take our social and ecological responsibility seriously by making our sustainability efforts felt.


In the field of energy management, we have put numerous innovative ideas into practice: The central element of our environmentally friendly energy use is our modern woodchip heating system. We heat our office, production and warehouse buildings ourselves. What is special is that the woodchips we use are taken solely from our production and residual wood processing facilities. Our on-site wood shredding plant cuts waste wood into woodchips, which can subsequently be put to thermal use. Climate protection in action.


Similarly, process heat for surface coating is also generated from our wood chips. Naturally, all our building timber, such as birch, spruce, poplar or beech, is obtained from sustainably managed, European forestry operations. In addition, throughout our entire premises, heat recovery plants represent a central energy-saving component – augmented by our geothermal plant. This ensures easy air-conditioning of our warehouse facilities.


Our lighting system also employs an intelligent solution: once the daylight brightness has reached a certain level, the electric lighting is switched off automatically. In another project, the LS lighting is being gradually replaced by more energy-efficient LED lighting.



Efficiency of resources in waste and recycling management


Avoiding waste and using residual and waste substances as secondary fuels can make a considerable contribution to conserving resources – particularly in production. The rule is: the responsible treatment and recycling of raw materials is a priority for all our employees. This also applies to the planning of exhibition stands. By using modular stand components, we are able to employ individual structural elements more frequently and, in turn, with increased sustainability. Because, for Winkels, there is no contradiction between environmental protection and high quality.


Anyone who works behind the scenes in trade fair construction knows the problems of dismantling an exhibition stand. But with us it is different. We use sturdy and reusable packing cases to prevent damaging building components and to reduce the mountain of waste material left behind in the exhibition halls.


These examples demonstrate how we put our company philosophy into practice. And our local flora and fauna also benefit from our activities. The 5,000m² extension to our premises has been incorporated as an extensive green area, while our flat green roof serves as a flower-rich bee pasture.