CNC precision – rational and perfectly fitting

Production based on directly entered design data with a precision of 3/100 mm.

Project control and consultation

Customer satisfaction, cost control... one partner: the customer has a single contact who controls the entire project and is able to give an indication of cost at any time.

High-grade surface coatings

Modern paint cabins with water wall for perfect coatings at all gloss levels.


Where the experience and performance ability of our well-drilled team can be most clearly seen.

Contract manufacturing


As a provider of technical and craft services, we also use our cnc machine facilities to produce entire shop fittings, furniture series, PoS systems, product displays and project constructions to contract order.


We produce high-quality single components or partial constructions, which are then fashioned into complete furniture units or interior designs by our customers.


We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to develop your project in readiness for production.