Report on the preparation of the presentation of Chery Automobile Shanghai at the trade fair IAA 2017

Presentation of Chery Automobile Shanghai at the IAA 2017


East meets West: Winkels Kleve realized for Winkels Beijing the participation of the Chinese car manufacturer Chery Automobile Shanghai at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main. This kind of cooperation presents a première.


Chery Automobile was founded in 1997 and belongs to the fastest growing Chinese manufacturers of automobiles and tractors. Last year alone about 100,000 vehicles were exported word-wide with total sales amounting to 700,000 cars according to a statement by the company. Impressive figures which currently make Chery the biggest Chinese exporter with the first presentation ever at a trade fair in Europe.


At the moment the portfolio comprises small saloon cars as well as SUVs. The company is planning the set-up of a European sales centre including facilities for design, research and development in order to establish vehicles like these as standard.


Presentation of the first close-to-series model


The presentation at the IAA in Frankfurt/Main this year represented a decisive and trend-setting intermediate step in this direction. With the Chery Exeed TX the car manufacturer presented the first near-series model of its portfolio – a compact and robust SUV which explicitly addresses young customers in large cities.


In order to set a first exclamation mark with this model and to be perceived as a competent and efficient innovative company of the automobile industry in Europe, Chery put highest demands on its exhibition stand in terms of architecture, aesthetics and design. The stand was to reflect the company`s innovative spirit in the best possible way and to showcase the various designs of the Chery Exeed TX.


Beijing Winkels Exhibition & Facilities Co.Ltd. was able to convince Chery when putting in a tender for the design of a technically modern und aesthetically demanding realization of an exhibition stand design and was able to assert itself against the strong European and Chinese competition. This marked the beginning of a German-Chinese cooperation which was new in this form.


Beijing Winkels became henceforth the lead agency and took over the entire trade fair management. This included also tasks such as booking hostesses, making available costumes, organizing the catering and providing a shuttle service; tasks which are all of major importance for a successful participation at a trade fair and which were all organized in close cooperation with Winkels Kleve.


A 500 sqm exhibition stand with revolving stage and platform


Winkels planned and realized a single-storey exhibition stand with an area of approximately 500 sqm. This included a presentation area of about 462 sqm for five vehicles, two meeting rooms and an area for a kitchen and storage room.


While presenting one of the vehicles as a highlight model on a revolving stage converted with glass, two other vehicles were displayed at the same time on an approximately 30 mm high platform in front of a 50 sqm big LED wall.The two other cars were placed on the open area enabling a presentation of the interior design.


Production and preparation of engine exhibits


A special feature about this joint project of Winkels Kleve and Winkels Beijing is the production and preparation of engine exhibits which had been delivered directly from China to the site in Kleve enabling them to plan and realize the finishing of the surface and the presentation.


In addition, a third exhibit was realized by Winkels which shows the complete substructure, including engine, battery and drive of an electric car. Innovative trade fair design realized in Germany “made in China” for an upcoming Chinese automobile company, or in other words: East meets West.