Craftsmanship for global markets


Winkels Messe- und Ausstellungsbau GmbH was founded in 1962; since 1970 it has been primarily involved in international trade fair construction. Today it has 75 full-time employees engaged in the professional implementation of its international projects.


Headquarter in Kleve / Germany
Headquarter in Kleve / Germany

All exhibition stand components are planned and constructed at the company headquarters in Kleve. The high depth of production and use of modern CNC technology enables precise production with a maximum level of reproducible quality.

With an area of approximately 50.000 m², there is plenty of space available to allow careful storage of exhibition stand components.


"Winkels Bejing" China
"Winkels Bejing"

The Chinese subsidiary in Beijing was established in 2005. European companies in particular take advantage of Winkels' specialist skills and unique quality in realising high-quality brand stores and trade-fair stands.

Today, Winkels is recognised as a reliable partner in the following areas:


Similarly, Winkels supports carpentry businesses and furniture manufacturers in the production of individual components or modules. Depending on the customer's requirements, Winkels offers either pure parts production or a full development service including 3D visualisation and subsequent production as anonymous contract work.


Examples of items we produce:

  • Individual furnishings and shop fittings
  • Functional furnishings or modules
  • Individual components for furniture manufacturers
  • Series of high-grade coated furniture components, modules or entire furniture items
  • High-quality coating of furniture components made by the customer